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February 18th, 2009 - jonhodgson — LiveJournal
Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been very active of late.  I've been working really hard, but its all NDA'd stuff so there hasn't been much to show here.  I've just finished a whole bunch of monsters for Paizo, which were enormous fun to do, and I'm almost done on a WotC job.  The "How to do fanatsy art for beginners" art book is done and in editing. Phew!  I also recently turned in a character design for a video game, and did some stuff for the thing, which I can't talk about.

Oh before I forget, "Designoids 2008" a collection of my mixed media/photography/design work is out in paperback on Lulu. With the changes to their shipping charges the hardcover is simply unrealistic for my European chums to buy, so I've relented on it being hardcover only and created a softcover.  Hopefully that makes it a little less extortionate! http://www.lulu.com/content/6009436.  There's a full preview of the book at lulu.

Also due to Lulu's excessive euro-postage, you can now also listen to and buy the seminal Extended Long Player of the classic work "Born on A Mountain in the Summer Time" by Jonathan Hodgson and Matthew Cambridge over at CafePress.

In other news, I will only be at Conpulsion in Edinburgh on the Saturday. Despite having donated the design work for the posters and fliers for the event I spectacularly failed to notice the Sunday is my son's birthday.  Despite being inundated with family, and organising his party I will endeavour to put in an appearance to catch up with as many of my pals face to face as I can!  I loves me some Conpulsion.  I'm going to be doing some clearance prices on prints to liquidate some stock, so if you like my work bring some pennies. Andy Hepworth will be there as usual all weekend providing way more than enough artist talent.

Ninja Mountain Podcast continues to draw pleasant reviews, lots of commentary on the blog and has hit over 1000 downloads.  Great stuff. Episode Four is recording tonight, so somehow I have to shake off the tiredness that comes with meeting deadlines with food poisoning (!) and once again turn out a suitably sparkling carmudgeonly performance.  Search us out on iTunes Store.  Just typing in Ninja Mountain into the search bar seems to do it!

Right, back to it!  Keep smiling!