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July 20th, 2009 - jonhodgson — LiveJournal
Hey LJ, remember me?

What a busy old time its been! A truly incredible personal roller coaster over the last week or so. All sorted now, with happy results. Yay!

I've let this blog grow increasingly fallow, and have pondered closing it down, but pish and fie on that. If my faithful followers can stand a slower posting rate then I see no reason to burn my LJ bridge.

Recent work:
Next cover for Dragon Warriors:

The palette for this one was a bloody civil war, but was mostly resolved to the good.

In other news I'm on twitter now as jonnyhodgsonart . I'm sorry. ;)

The Ninja Mountain Podcast (http://ninjamountain.blogspot.com/) continues to enjoy unexpected success.  Its a big workload every week for whoever's editing it - usually the stalwart Patrick McEvoy, but occasionally I fill in, as I have done last week and will be doing this week.  Go check it out. Loads of solid gold information for aspiring freelancers, and validation for our peers in this crazy pursuit.

I've joined the team of a new artblog over at Scotch Corner.  Most comic artists, but me and Andy Hepworth are holding up the illustrator's end: http://scotchcorner.blogspot.com/  I make my posts every monday. This week I've put up some Sketchup shots.


Right, back to it. Work continues a pace, as ever.  I'm feeling very thankful for that of late. I'm a very lucky chap.